We are 25 kilometers far from Limenas port and 7 kilometers far from Skala Prinos port. The name of the village is Kazaviti or Megalos Prinos (newest naming), and it is found at the highland of Prinos village. The village's position is easy to be located only by a simple glance at the map of Thassos Island!

If you approach from Limenas or Thassos port (newest naming), you will take the direction towards Limenaria which leads at the southern side of the island. After almost 20 kilometers and a long straight road (where you find a BP gas station), we will reach the junction of Prinos village. At that time, you turn left and you cross the main road, where you spot the central market of Prinos village. You carry on straight away, till you abandon the residential area and you continue on the same road towards the mountain. After 4 kilometers, on a big turn you will meet the Saint George's church and the Mikros Prinos village. Following almost 500 kilometers and after crossing a big downhill and a stream, you will meet at your left hand exactly at the entrance of the village, a stone residence with woody stairs and woody roof which covers the terrace of the restaurant. This residence is our tavern! If you approach from Limenaria village, you will move inversely, with the main difference that when you reach Prinos village, exactly at the junction you will turn right in order to avoid the road which lead to Limenas.

If all these seem to be complicated, a good option is to contact us, in order to give you precise instructions with reference to our location. Unless, you prefer the traditional way, in that case you may ask someone who knows the island, and the only thing you need to do is to listen to him carefully. The name of the restaurant is "VASILIS", and it is not found at the square of Kazaviti village. You may ask for Dina or Sophia, or even Vasili or Dimitri. It is more than certain that you will find someone from the family to welcome you!

Have a safe road trip!