History of the Restaurant

Seventeen years ago, one man with the help of his wife and with his own bare hands, labor of love, hard work and a 40 years experience on his back, he started to create what he already had in his mind. Every move had been imprinted with the slightest detail in umpteen time's worn-out layouts. Step by step, Thassian stones, started to materialize his dream as he was meticulously placing them to the white-limed walls and stone floors. As the lime was coming in contrast to the grey of the stone, he seemed to clarify with his presence the "clearance" of the space. The indigo-blue color of the windows was reminding something of the village's old mansions, and the fireplaces at the middle of the hall were ready to worm up friends with the sparkling flames jumping out of them.

Afterwards, they stood outside their new-born creation and the man who gave it form; he looked back at his patterns. Without the slightest disagreement, they believed that in order the outward aspect to come closer to the history of the village; this one must be consistent with the artistry of the internal space. So, a stony roof was build from old artisans and a terrace with the woody roof that is sustained by cedar and chestnut woods with the eye to reach the sores across.

Time passed by and the only thing left was material and flavors to become senses interdependent as it was necessitated. Homemade dishes cooked with fresh raw materials that expel the idea of the artificial goods, are waiting for their turn for being cooked and be served with kindness. The decoration of the internal space is attentive by the woman who believes that the tastiness, the quality of the dishes' raw materials, the aesthetic of the space and the respect towards the client, are parameters unbreakably bonded.

The common of these two persons? The love for what they have created by stepping aside little by little. The only responsibility of their 2 children is to hold the wisdom and the experience of their parents as a compass for the years to follow and to continue what they have started.

So, by the end of this story, a space which "drank in" each one's experience, have been created. From the one side, is the man who saw his creation taking shape from its foundation. From the other side, is the woman who gave color, perspective and touches of aesthetics out of vogue in the way that she combined the materials and she made them look like a miniature of the 30's, with the antiques to emerge from every corner. Last but not least, the grand-father of the family, figure of the past years and a part of the history of this village with his block prints, ceiling centerpieces, paintings and drawings to find their place on the stones and the elaborated lime, they completed the ideal of the business.

We wish you a pleasant surfing in our web-site which has been created with love and we hope that one day you will visit our beautiful village and we will have the opportunity to treat you a glass of red wine near the fireplace.

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With appreciation,

Keramari Family