In theory, when you visit a restaurant, you crave to take something from its flavors and aromas. You wish his plates to remind you something from the scents of your own kitchen and every bite to give you the sentiment of pleasure. Years now, we try to transform this sensation to a pure reality.

We can make mention to diverse "specialties" that we offer to customers and friends, but oddly it is not our favorite definition and something that matches to our philosophy. There are no "specialties"; there are strong and pure flavors that are created from the fine incorporation of the ingredients and the quality of them. There is a labor of love and knowledge which is combined with the experience and the guidance of the oldest. There is a long preparation and personal effort.

Stuffed lamb in the oven with spinach and herbs of the season, local lamb-chops, fresh homemade soutzoukakia ( meat-balls with herbs on the grill) and hamburger, fried herb balls, courgette flowers stuffed both with rise or feta cheese, piperolachana* ( savoy-type of cabbage- cooked with beans and pickle peppers), grilled tomatoes with oregano and parsley, fried courgettes with a special garlic dip.

Favorite flavors of our customers? Each one of them has chosen something different & we have some special plates to add in our menu, according to the occasion and season.

Our personal win is that we see the same old faces again and again in our restaurant. What honor us is that new customers keep visiting us, just because one of our old customer and friend suggested them not to lose these homemade dishes.

Enjoy your meal!

*Traditional dish of Kazaviti